Bitumen mastic Korseal

Simple DF is the first product that opens the industry here with it being used by small companies doing driveways and parking lots repairs. It doesn't have any expansion or contraction capabilities however it fills the crack and will keep water etc from entering the open crack and further deteriorating the pavement.

The next sealant is the Korseal 1 and Type 1 PM which are used in Oil Jacketed Kettles and offers some expansion and contraction capabilities, at -18°C they will expand and contract 50%. They are very much a workhorse grade for cracksealing roads, streets, highways etc.

However if being used in colder climates the alternatives are perhaps better.

The first one in that realm is the Korseal 2 which is used in Oil Jacketed kettles and offers 100% expansion and contraction at -29°C. It is used throughout North America.

The next 2 are the Korseal 4 and Korseal 4a Modified which are used in Oil Jacketed kettles and both offer 200% expansion and contraction at -29°C. The main difference between the 2 products is the resiliency specification which is over 60% for the type 4 and between 30-60% for the 4 Modified. Both offer superior sealing capabilities and are used throughout North America and in severe weather locations in the World.